HydroSolar 21 is an energy innovation project that will be carried out in Burgos, under the coordination of the Asociación Plan Estratégico of Burgos and with the active support of the research team of the University of Burgos and the colaboration of Instituto de la Construcción, Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León, City Council of Burgos, Agencia Provincial de la Energía and Business and Innovation Centre of Burgos (CEEI Burgos).

Main goals of this project are the production and storage of energy by using hydrogen technology, and the production of solar coding. In accordance with this two action lines are developed:

  • Photovoltaic and Wind energy application to produce hydrogen through the electrolysis of water and its storage as fuel.

  • Application of adsorption processes feeded by solar energy in order to produce cold and the subsequent refrigeration of the building.

This project, which will be carried out in an anexe building of CEEI Burgos at the complex of Villafria in Burgos, has been selected among more than 500 projects put forward under LIFE call for proposals.
Refrigeración e Hidrógeno con Energías Renovables REHYER 2007
Project HydroSolar 21 ( LIFE05 ENV/E/000333 )
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Proyecto LIFE
Ayuntamiento de Burgos Asociación Plan Estratégico Ciudad de Burgos Universidad de Burgos Instituto Tecnológico de Castilla y León CEEI de Burgos Instituto de la Construcción de Castilla y León Agencia Provincial de la Energía de Burgos